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Clearing-Evening: Intelligence and Awareness

„Your mind is a dangerous thing - waste it!“

Gary Douglas

We can either be fast and perceive or slow down and think. True story.

But what to do when with every access tool, every conversation, every clearing, your mind immediately runs through all the variables in milliseconds, delivers all the solutions, all the fuzziness, all the ifs and buts, all the parallel possibilities, all the variations in which it might not work and why?

Interesting POV helps ...
Who does it belong to helps ...
Bars help massively ...

But ...

Have you ever envied people who are "simple minded" and just use the tools? Yup, I do, and just go back to their flower meadow world? And it just works? Their whole life changes while you seem to be treading water and getting caught up in your thought loops?

Are you very intelligent? Maybe even highly intelligent (with or or diagnosis)? Have you devalued your brilliant intelligence? Not acknowledged it? Learned to hide it? Or do you even think you're stupid? Maybe you even did poorly in school? Failed in school?

And it goes even further. Did you keep quiet when something was explained to you that was clear to you long ago? Did you think you were stupid when you didn't understand a foolish question?

And just as it happened to you in school, in your studies, in your job, in your relationships, is it now happening to you again on your journey to consciousness? For everyone around you it seems to be clear and simple, only you immediately start to think everything apart, to pick apart, to expose the supposed mistakes, discover the one point where it might not work?

Are you resisting and reacting to your brilliant mind? Do you reject it? Trying to ignore it, shut it down, bring it out only temporarily?

What if you could relax into your intelligence? Acknowledge that it is a gift? Use it to your advantage? Be willing to annoy others with it? To be too much?

This evening is not about an IQ number. You don't have to be highly intelligent or have any idea if you are. It's not about pigeonholing and serving.

You don't have to admit to being highly gifted, nor do you have to put your eyes down and modestly pretend you're not.

I know from personal experience how challenging it can be to heed Gary's advice. My way to do it was acknowledge, make peace with my speedy mind, and last but not least lots of humor.

"Sylvia to Brain: thank you for this information. Now please make room for awareness!"

Clearing Evening
Thursday 22.09.22
7 pm CET
Global time