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Clarity-Night: Defocus and uncreate

Defocus and uncreate
Does it exist if you don’t focus on it?

Do your thoughts tend to spinn around the things that you don’t want? The problems? The unease? The trouble? the heavy stuff?

What if you would change your focus to the things you want to have in your live instead of the things you don’t want?

What could that change?
What if the heavy, uneasy stuff would start to disappear if you don’t pay any attention to it anymore?

Not by hiding it and covering it up, but by acknowledging it to be there without making it significant? Getting done what has to be done and then gifting your attention to the fun and ease stuff?

Science tell us that we bring things into matter with our attention. Want if you started playing with this?

Clarity Night
October 10
7 pm PST
Global time