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One-on-one – Personal Session


You want change? Do you keep getting stuck at the same point? Do you reach a point where you cannot seem to be able to go on? What is it that no longer works for you? Our one-on-one session is about the points of views that lie beneath the things that don't seem to change for you. Point of views that most of the time are not even yours. You can change them as soon as they show up.
It always excites me what can change in just one session.
What would you choose if there were no limits?
What if the only thing that is powerful to stop you is you?

I look forward to seeing you!


Body & Health

You have no ease with your body? You have symptoms or unexplained pain? Other limitations? You are just not comfortable with your body?
I support you in re-establishing communication with your body. To recognize the signs and signals of your body and to be able to make new choices. What do you know that nurtures your body that no one else knows? How much more ease and joy can you have with your body?

Business, Success, Geld

What did you learn from your parents and teachers about business, success & money? Whether you grew up in a wealthy environment or not, you were inundated with beliefs, truths and the so-called reality that keeps you from creating the successful business that works for you and from having the financial reality you truly desire.
Can you imagine having joy and ease with business, success & money?


Are you unhappy in your relationship? Bored? Do you suffer from constant conflicts? Do you wish for more closeness in your relationship? Can't really communicate with your partner?
Or you are single and judge yourself for it? Do you long for a relationship? Or think you have to have one because that's what you have?
What is really possible in relationship, beyond everything you could imagined so far?

Abuse Hold

Body process that clears the energetic imprints of abuse from the body

Almost everyone experiences abuse in some form during their lifetime, whether it is emotional, financial, spiritual, physical or sexual abuse.

Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, developed an amazing body process that allows the body to release the information stored in the body's cells from any type of abuse, thus removing and erasing the cellular memories.

This process can only be given by someone who has been specially trained to do this by Gary Douglas or his daughter Grace.

What if you could let go of the repetitive patterns of abuse and treat yourself in the future as you should have been treated?

Prerequisite for the application of the body process is to have listened to the approx. 2.5-hour seminar recording "The Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse" 30 times. One part can also be played quietly at night during sleep. It is not crucial to understand, but to have received the energy that opens you to the issue and prepares your body for the Abuse Hold and for letting go.

You can order this seminar recording here in the Access Shop as an MP3 download.

You can buy the download here: